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The next Lake Tapawingo Country Club Meeting is Monday, November 7th at 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse.

Derived from a Native American word meaning "beautiful water" or "beautiful place", Lake Tapawingo was constructed by the Lake Tapawingo Development Company in 1926 as an "exclusive sports retreat and rest haven built on 315 beautiful rolling wooded acres". Since the first house was built at Lake Tapawingo in 1926, the community has grown to include a total of about 383 homes and a population of approximately 850 residents.
The City of Lake Tapawingo was officially formed in 1962 in order to prevent annexation by either Blue Springs or Independence. Since that time the community has aptly maintained its charm, appeal, and prosperity under the direction of the Lake Tapawingo Country Club and the City of Lake Tapawingo government.
Generation after generation of Tapawingo lake rats call our quaint community home. Many residents have lived here for decades, some a half century or more. Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren having returned to live where they grew up or where they visited grandparents during the summer. The personal connections run deep, and the stories are rich with history and colorful characters of generations past and present.
"Life on Tap" is an expression that embodies both the spirit of lake life and the essence of living at Lake Tapawingo, Missouri.

If you're lucky enough to live at Lake Tapawingo...                               you're lucky enough!